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Platform Design to Ramp Leads by 50%

Space: Mortgage FinTech | Via: Xpanse


Product Design • UX • Visual Design • Research


B2B SaaS • Mortgage FinTech • Workflow Management


Principal Product Designer

Creating Immediate Impact for a New Product Build

As the Principal Product Designer at Xpanse, I took charge of leading the design efforts for the company’s second product pillar, aimed at streamlining the workflow of Loan Officers (LOs) within mortgage sales teams. The objective was to create a portal facilitating efficient lead management and loan processing for both LOs and sales managers.

Designing New Tools for Old Problems
Mortgage sales teams faced challenges with disjointed systems, spending excessive time on administrative tasks like collecting borrower information. LOs needed a cohesive solution to manage leads efficiently and swiftly convert them into loans. The existing workflow was linear and restrictive, hindering natural conversation with borrowers.

Delivering a Streamlined Workflow that Resonated with Our Audience 
To address these issues, I spearheaded the development of Xpanse’s Spark LO Portal, focusing on key features like a notepad for flexible note-taking, a lead history record, improved lead navigation, and progress tracking. Through thorough user research and wireframing, we designed a streamlined workflow that resonated with the needs of LOs and sales managers. Despite challenges, we made significant progress, with a functional POC ready for demo by April 2022.

Key Takeaways:

  • Identified pain points: Streamlining lead management, improving loan processing efficiency, and enhancing user experience for Loan Officers.
  • Implemented solutions: Notepad feature for flexible note-taking, lead history record for documentation, improved lead navigation for non-linear form filling, and progress tracking for enhanced visibility.
  • Progress made: From wireframes to functional prototype, the design resonated well with stakeholders, addressing primary pain points effectively.
  • Unforeseen challenges: Despite progress, the project faced setbacks due to company downsizing, halting further development.

Our plan was built around goal metrics that certainly would have been acheivable had we continued development.

  1. Ramping from 50% of leads coming in to 100% of traffic end of Q2
  2. Current monthly ~1200+ (23 days)
  3. Daily about ~180 leads
  4. Assign about 10 leads per LO
  5. Minimum 10 LO users

While the planned product release was disrupted, the groundwork laid out during the project suggested promising metrics for future success, including increased lead traffic and improved underwriting efficiency. Despite the unfortunate halt, the project showcased significant potential for meeting strategic goals had it been allowed to proceed.


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