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Marketing Page Design

Client: Intuit Quickbooks | Via:


Marketing Design • UX • Visual Design


Design Consultant



Project Objectives

UX, Interaction, Interface & Product Design

I worked with the Quickbooks team at Intuit on the QuickBooks Self-Employed product to design screen flows within their growth and conversion funnels.

Project overview:
Drive conversion prospects by engaging, guiding customers to the information relevant to their needs, and converting (by offering a recommendation fit for their needs).

Project Objective:
Overcome the barriers of QuickBooks being perceived as not relevant, too complicated or not of value.

I worked with a QuickBooks Project Design Manager who, along with their Web Marketing Specialist helped get me up to speed on the project processes and requirements. Several other members of the product design team provided me with styleguides and design assets so that I had as many resources as possible available to me to provide designs that were consistent with Intuit design standards.

I was tasked with executing design a on a conditional content screen flow. Users would self-identify by answering a series of questions presented to them in a progressive presentation. Based on their answers, users were presented a solution recommendation.

Project Role & Contribution

My role in this project was less about creating an effective design and more in executing established design standards; following the outline and designing for the outcome of the project.

Following the guidelines of Quickbooks design, I made design decisions regarding layout and structure of the page, from the overall composition to the individual page components that would be appropriate for each section of the the page.

Unfortunately, I was not provided with any performance results on the flow, but I was engaged to work on two more projects with the Quickbooks team after completing this project!