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Establishing a Cohesive Design Identity

Design Vision & Strategy | Via: FDO

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Establishing a clear design vision to ramp up customer growth.

In June 2022, I joined Federato, an insurtech startup with only 13 team members and a seed round of funding. Tasked with adding value to the product through design, I was promoted to Head of Product Design and scaled up our design team eventually hiring 3 designers and a UX researcher. With the company’s ambitious goals to transform insurance technology, I developed strategies to align design with business value and initiated a comprehensive DesignOps plan.

Early on, I realized the need to establish a clear design vision and overhaul the product’s visual language. We lacked consistency and efficiency in design, hindering both user experience and development. Workflow management tools like Federato come with their own particular kind of design challenges. Users perform a variety of actions over and over again. It was important to give consideration to getting the little things right in order to avoid “death by a thousand cuts”, where small inconveniences add up to a unsatisfactory overall experience. This meant really understanding the user’s day-to-day and sweating the details. I worked with our VP of Product to be very intentional about what features to add, keeping the overall experience in mind. Additionally, the company was undergoing a brand redesign, requiring careful coordination to ensure consistency across all touchpoints.

To address these challenges, I led the development of the Athena Design System, enhancing consistency, efficiency, and user experience. Simultaneously, I led the rebranding efforts to redefine our positioning and values. As the team expanded, I prioritized hiring and fostering a collaborative culture. I developed a strategy to tie design goals to business outcomes, introducing metrics to track progress and align efforts across teams. Finally, I initiated the creation of a company “North Star” to provide strategic alignment and focus for all teams, ensuring cohesion and direction moving forward.

Key Results

  • Establishing a clear design vision and implementing a comprehensive design system (Athena) improved consistency, development efficiency, and user experience.
  • Coordinating brand redesign efforts ensured consistency across all touchpoints, reinforcing the company’s identity and values.
  • Prioritizing team growth and fostering a collaborative culture promoted innovation and creativity.
  • Aligning design goals with business outcomes and tracking relevant metrics facilitated more strategic decision-making and drove growth.
  • Developing a company “North Star” provided strategic alignment and focus for all teams, fostering cohesion and direction.


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Head of Product Design


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