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A 66.7% improvement in workflow efficiency.

Configurable Workflow Management | Via: FDO

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Task Time Reduction


Decrease in Turnaround Time


Workflow Efficiency Improvment

Replacing legacy functionality that was too custom to scale.​

The original incarnation of the Action Center, what we referred to as the Communications Hub, was a system-of-record to provide underwriters a central location to manage actionable tasks for any policy or opportunity assigned to them so they could quickly review tasks that require their attention.

I designed a flexible, adaptable framework that we dubbed, Action Center. ​
The Action Center gives managers and underwriters a dynamic view of what they need to prioritize. It keeps them in the loop about portal activity, and informs and notifies them when tasks require their attention.

Implementing the Action Center feature for underwriters in the platform’s workflow resulted in a notable improvement in efficiency and productivity. By consolidating status updates and actions in one centralized location, underwriters were able to save time and effort previously spent searching for necessary information through various systems and methods.

With first-view priority given to critical actions, underwriters are able to quickly address urgent tasks, ensuring timely responses and reducing the risk of delays.

The ability to create or update policy referrals and requests directly within the Action Center streamlines workflow processes, enhancing overall workflow management.

The inclusion of policy-specific notes and action-specific comments provides clearer communication and collaboration among team members, leading to more informed decision-making and improved outcomes for our customers’ underwriting teams. 

How this solution provided value

By streamlining workflow processes and providing organizations a flexible configurable solution, underwriters can navigate their tasks more efficiently, leading to increased overall productivity and throughput.

Average task completion time reduced by 50%.
Average time to complete a policy referral request reduced from 1 to 2 hours

62% decrease in turnaround time for critical actions.
Average turnaround time for processing urgent policy updates reduced from 32 to 12 hours

66.7% improvement in workflow efficiency.
Underwriters reduced their time spent searching for relevant information across multiple systems from 1.5 hour to about 30 minutes.


Production version of the Action Center in platform