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Core Values Branding, Office Art, Apparel Design

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Design Direction • Branding Design • Graphic Design • Apparel Design


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Design Consulting, Contract

The Project

Design to Reinforce Core Values

Blast Analytics & Marketing is an analytics and digital marketing consulting agency focused on delivering measurable results for their clients. Not only is Blast a recurring client, I worked for the company for 9 years as the Creative Director. I like to refer to myself as “Employee Number 04”. In business for over 17 years, a big part of the company’s success is its commitment to creating a strong sense of culture. I was happy to jump in an help when Blast asked me to create designs for their 15th & 17th year anniversaries based around a couple of their core values: “Dream Big” and “Make Your Mark”.

I went to work to create designs for each of the separate projects. Our first Core Value design for the 15th anniversary was “Dream Big, Be Humble, Yet Kick Ass“. I explored a handful of design directions with sketches and hi-fidelity art. Once we had a style and look we liked, I explored color arrangements and finalized the designs for both the t-shirts and the wall art. The second project, “Make Your Mark“, was informed by the hand drawn, textured look and feel of the “Dream Big” design.

The designs have resonated well internally with the team and have taken a prominent place in branding and marketing efforts.

Inital design sketch exploration

Once I created a loose idea of the design with the sketch, I brought it into Illustrator to clean it all up, define, and finalize the design.

For the apparel design, I added some distress to the lockup to give it a little more character.

Tshirt detail

Clean vector version applied to the offices in the space

The Blast team stress testing the goods!

I followed a very similar process for the “Make Your Mark” design

Tshirt detail