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Evaluating Trackr's Customer Onboarding Experience

Customer Brief: Review the UX of the onboarding process to guide the user through to a successful device association. The designed experience should be unique, differentiating and (preferably) an improvement above the market leader.

I kept certain UI elements of the existing flow and tried not to stray to far from the existing flow to reduce the need for development to make backend changes. The problems that stood out to me that I focused on trying to improve were:

  • Making the bluetooth and location services a clear step: I added a screen at the beginning of the flow to make it clear to the user that the step is necessary while also trying to alleviate any concerns about privacy or the app doing something without their permission

  • Improving the language and visual feedback on the pairing error screen: The pairing screen currently doesn’t give good visual feedback while the app tries to connect. I would recommend some sort of animation while this action is running. I also added more clear visual feedback when a connection error occurs, eliminating the popup.

  • Organizing the item list with the most popular or most selected at the top: The item list is long so organized them in pages. This would allow the most popular items to appear on the first page and allow user to drill down into the secondary pages to find the less popular items.n