Employee Engagement Product Design Client: Sparck  |  Via: SGLTN.co
About Project
Startup Product Design

The team at Sparck came to me to help them develop the ui for their initial MVP. As we built out the initial elements to establish a look and feel, the scope of the project quickly expanded to a full product design effort.

Working closely with the CTO to understand as many aspects of the functionality as possible, I worked to establish an overall visual design that would connect every aspect of the app consistently.

As this product was aimed at encouraging use multiple times a week, if not daily, the interface needed to be inviting, clear and easy to navigate. The client was easy to work with in providing clear wants and needs, and very open to suggestions for best practices and blind spots. Since the initial project, Sparck has obtained initial investment and has built out a beta release that has been distributed to an initial set of customers.