Hello, I'm Sean and I design engaging digital experiences & interactive products.
I use my knowledge and experience of the complete end-to-end cycle of interactive development to create effective visual designs and user experiences.

Whether I’m embedded as a team member leading an in-house design team, hired as an external resource to act as a design team proxy for your startup or small business, my end-goal is success for your product or service. My process throughout a project is built primarily on — LISTENING. I’ve done this long enough to know you and your team won’t always know what you want to see on screen, but you know what you want the outcome to be. By utilizing an engaged listening process, guided by a lot of questions (seriously, it will seem like A LOT) I aim to dig deep into what your users need and what your business needs to find the right solution for every aspect of our project.

Sean is extremely talented, hardworking, and one of the most enjoyable personalities I've worked with in the past ten years.

He is quick to collaborate, and will push those around him to produce the best work they can by both encouraging and challenging them at the same time.

My passion for design and delivering impactful solutions yields successful partnerships with my clients. Together we create exceptional user experiences that engage with clients, customers and audiences.

I've been a partner resource for agencies such as Momentum Design Lab, Closed Loop, Unearth Campaigns, i&D New York, Extractable and others over the past few years. I've provided design solutions for companies such as Apple, Intuit, hp, Panasonic, Gale Technologies, VMWare, EMC and Stanford University. I value building ongoing relationships with corporations, agencies and startups to provide them with a reliable, long term resource to turn to for effective product design solutions.

When you choose to work with me, you’ll be rewarded an experienced, talented design resource to your team that offers not only professional design sense, but also an understanding of designing effectively for business goals. I jump right in and get to work without the need for spending days in meetings. As an intermediary, I can provide a unique view of how your business or product may be viewed or consumed by your target audience. Then provide you with the process and strategy to develop design solutions with that audience in mind.

I'll act as your reserve to call on when your team resources are stretched to the limit, when you're having a difficult time pursuing new opportunities or when the Business Development team just can't say no.

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Leading Product Design at InsightSquared

Design Consultant at SGLTNxCo

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