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I’ve been designing digital products for almost 20 years. I’ve ridden the wave of just about every design trend that’s hit the web: from table based design to the rise and fall of Flash, and head-on into responsive and mobile application design.

In that time, I’ve developed a well rounded skill set that gives me a unique ability to tackle projects with wide ranging business objectives. Digital Product Design is now my domain. I’ve helped organizations big and small provide elegant experiences for their users, I work independently and within teams to provide exceptional, professional design consultation services that are focused on delivering bottom line outcomes.

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In helping to create your product's experience and impact on your audience, thoughtful consideration is given to every visual and every interaction.

Featured Projects

I’ve worked with clients from a variety of industries and each project presents a new, exciting challenge.

I’ve worked as an in-house product designer on an internal product team, provided consulting and guidance on a contract basis for small businesses and startups, lead teams as a management level IC, and ran my own independent design and development agency for 5 years. The twists and turns of my career have provided me with a wealth of experience.

Large or small, my clients always come with specific needs and goals, as well as an carefully curated set of constraints and business requirements… and my goal is to consistently deliver results for each and every client or employeer.

My Creative Value

The key to giving clients the ultimate creative value is to focus on how to integrate the business goals of the client into each project and provide credibility to the client's business with every solution.

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